[Movie] No Time to Spy: A Loud House Movie (2024)

Lincoln and the Louds are ecstatic to welcome their new Gran-Gran, Myrtle, into the family with a tropical wedding celebration; but the festivities are cut short when an old nemesis from Myrtle's secret agent past appears on the island.

•• Movie Name: No Time to Spy A Loud House Movie 

•• Runtime: 1 Hour, 42 Minutes

•• Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy – Family, Kids 

•• Cast: Zach Adkins, Christy Altomare, Alex Cazares, Sawyer Cole, Jessica DiCicco, Nika Futterman, Bentley Griffin, Piotr Michael, Lara Jill Miller, Liliana Mumy, Cristina Pucelli, Meg Ryan, Brian Stepanek, Catherine Taber, Jill Talley, Jaeden White & more…

•• Release Date: June 21, 2024

•• Country of Origin: United States of America

•• Language: English 

•• Filming Location: USA

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