[Movie] Dark Forest (2023) {Chinese}

The United Nations Narcotics Control Organization and the Chinese and Myanmar police jointly cracked down on a drug trafficking organization headed by the Saka Group, which attempted to sell drugs to the world through China.

Forest police officer Zheng Hong Feng was accidentally involved in a major drug trafficking case and was in danger. To avenge his colleagues who were killed by drug dealers and prevent drugs from flowing into China, he joined forces with Lao Wu, who was deeply persecuted by drug dealers and fought against the drug dealers in the dense forests on the border. Finally, he cooperated with the anti-drug special police to destroy the drug dealers' lair.

•• Movie Name: Dark Forest / Hei An Sen Lin

•• Runtime: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes

•• Genre: Action, Crime 

•• Cast: Qi Hang, Rick Xu, Yu Rong Guang, He Ming Han, Liu Yi Han, Guo Zhen & more…

•• Release Date: November 1, 2023

•• Country of Origin: China

•• Language: Chinese

•• Filming Location: China

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