[Movie] End of the Rope (2023)

When a sociopathic hired hand murders an entire family, the town of Schafer, North Dakota, rises up to take justice into their own hands. Based on the true story of the infamous Charles Bannon case of 1931.

•• Movie Name: End of the Rope 

•• Runtime: 2 Hours, 19 Minutes

•• Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller – Mystery, Western 

•• Cast: Joseph Gray, Nick Saxton, Joseph Bezenek, Tiffany Cornwell, Megan Hensley, Charles O'Haver, Christine Weber, Vanessa Gamble, Mike McNeil, Craig Roath, Miles Barnum, Cameron Goebel, Al Saks, Brian Brady, Angela Schnaible, Angela Dagman, Kayli Stanger, Jerry Barnum, Brett Erdmann, Dennis Johnson, Taner Ohlsen, Nicholas Bielinski, Jason Diers, Archer Schnaible, Adelyn Lebaron, Jay Preston, Chad Smith, Sheldon Wahlstrom, Ryan Duffey, Liam Dorman, Jared Schumacher, Brayden Renner, Conor Kennelly, Jt Kennelly, Mat Charley, Nate Swenson & more…

•• Release Date: March 24, 2023

•• Country of Origin: United States of America

•• Language: English 

•• Filming Location: Watford City, North Dakota, USA

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