[Movie] Shirley (2024)

Shirley Chisholm makes a trailblazing run for the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination after becoming the first Black woman elected to Congress.

•• Movie Name: Shirley

•• Runtime: 1 Hour, 58 Minutes 

•• Genre: Biography, Drama, History 

•• Cast: Regina King, Lance Reddick, Terrence Howard, Lucas Hedges, Michael Cherrie, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Christina Jackson, André Holland, Dorian Missick, Reina King, Amirah Vann, W. Earl Brown, Brad James, Charlene Willis, Ken Strunk, Becca Kravitz, Cory Hardin, Rob Grant, Gregory Mallios, Micaela Wittman, Brandon Knabe & more…

•• Release Date: March 22, 2024

•• Country of Origin: United States of America 

•• Language: English 

•• Filming Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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