[Movie] The Bad Shepherd (2024)

In remote wilderness, a group of friends who stumble upon a duffle bag full of cash after accidentally killing an unknown woman with their car. In attempt to keep the money to themselves, they decided to hide the body. However, this leads them to a much more bigger problem when the mysterious owner of the bag comes looking for them.

•• Movie Name: The Bad Shepherd

•• Runtime: 1 Hour, 31 Minutes 

•• Genre: Thriller – Mystery 

•• Cast: Christos Kalabogias, Scotty Tovar, Justin Taite, Brett Zimmerman, Geo Santini, Annie Gonzalez, Andrew Pagana, Courtney Blythe Turk, Wolfgang Weber, Douglas Smith & more…

•• Release Date: February 23, 2024

•• Country of Origin: United States of America 

•• Language: English 

•• Filming Location: USA

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